First Birthday Welcome Guide


First birthday celebrations are a very special and important part of your little one's life!  They have accomplished their first year of learning to babble, roll over, sit up, smile and giggle, and maybe even walk. It's time to celebrate all of these accomplishments. 

Each first birthday session is designed to your liking. They can be as simple as all white or as extravagant as you want. So let's dive in and have some fun for your little one's big day!

Preparing for your session...

What should baby wear?

I highly suggest bringing your little one in pjs or something other than what they will wear for pictures.  This way they won't get wrinkled from the seatbelt on the way over or drool on their shirt.  Also, avoid socks if possible so we don't get sock lines, especially if they will be barefoot. 

What do I need to bring?

The only thing that you need to bring is:

*birthday boy/girl 

*snacks (small like puffs or cheerios)

*clothes to change him/her into 

*any sentimental items we are including in baby's session. (please notify me ahead of time of what this item might be)

How should I prep my kiddo?​

If you plan on doing a cake smash, then 1-2 weeks before make sure you introduce them to a messy food. It can be cake, pudding, or anything with that consistency. Let them get messy. Sometimes waiting for picture day can backfire because they don't know what to do or don't like the feeling of it. Practice is okay!

The day of, make sure he/she has eaten before you come and also make sure to schedule your session around their naptimes. We don't want to try pictures when the little one is too tired or is missing their nap because of pics. I try to be as flexible as possible.

Also, make sure to put lotion on any really dry spots and clean any eye gunkies out. Also, make sure hands and face are clean. 

Designing your session...

Designing 1st birthday sessions is one of my favorite things to do! We can do almost any theme you want, given enough time, or make it simple perfection. I do send you a questionnaire so I can get an idea of what you are thinking about and will ask a lot of questions because I want to make sure you get the session you want. So from rainbow to cowboy, from twinkle twinkle to baseball, let's start planning!  Click any picture below to see their full gallery.

Smash cake

Having a smash cake in your session is so much fun! They get to make a mess and get some cute pictures doing it. However, smash cakes are not mandatory. You can do without this or change it up to be something else like strawberries, pudding, spaghetti, etc... Think about what your child is into. This is all up to you just please let me know of any allergies beforehand. 

Also, know this is a hands-on experience for parents so please beware that you will get messy too! 

Bathtub pics...

After getting messy with the cake, or whatever food you choose, it is fun to get in tub and get some extra sugar off. The studio is perfect because they can splash all they want and have even more fun. Bathtub pics are only offered for full/luxury sessions. These are also optional. 

I hope that helps to answer all of your questions but if you think of anything else please don't hesitate to ask! 

See you soon!!