Editing services

Hi! I am so excited that you are considering letting me help you with your editing. I know for many photographers this is one of the areas that they dread and that can take up a lot of time. The good news is that this is the part that I LOVE!! So let me help you finalize your amazing pictures and give you back some of your life to spend on other things.


Editing prices are all charged per images. A quote is given and agreed on before any work is started. All edits are approved and work must be paid for before the images are released back to the photographer. 

Beauty Edits

Pimple removal $0.50-$2 (depending on severity)

Skin smoothing $0.50

Stray hair removal or fix bald spot $0.50-$1

Double chin correction $1

Slender or more flattering figure $1

Teeth whitening $1

Face swap $5 (up to 2 faces)

Image Edits

Color correction (lighten/darken) $1

Background extension $1

Background smoothing $1

Removing unwanted people/objects from images $2-$4

Color change $2

Blurring background $2

adding sunlight $2-4

Sky swap $4

Newborn Edits

Acne, dry skin removal $1-3

Background extension $1

Background smoothing $1

Blanket/wrap color change $2

Digital edits $5-$10 depending on design 

Anything else?

if you are needing something that is not listed please contact me and let me know. I would be happy to help!